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Televangelist was founded as a side project of guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, and creative force Mark Anthony Esquivel in San Antonio, Tx.  Classically trained, Mark expressed his heart and soul through this music. The four piece progressive band formed and composed a 3 song EP with “Cast”, “Feeding Horses”, and “Tick,Tick,Tick” in Jan. 2011 which marked the beginning.

The following year in July 2012, the band released its 4 song EP “Crime Wave”  demonstrating the direction they were going with odd time signatures in a mathrock sensibility with indie derived vocals. The songs were engrossing and the recordings highlighted the bands progressive leanings. It  quickly gained recognition and popularity on bandcamp as well as in the local music scenes of San Antonio and Austin. 

In keeping with the momentum that was generated, they kicked off a short Texas Tour in 2013.

After months of dedicated creating and writing along with a few lineup changes, the band released its first album “Wild, Jealous, Youth” in July 2015 pulling post-rock, math rock, progressive, and post hardcore elements together for a perfect blend.  This opened new opportunities supporting acts such as Chon,  Polyphia, A Lot Like Birds, Alaska, Hail the Sun, Trico, Stolas, and others.  It also led to invitations to play at showcases like SXSW. 

After meeting current bassist Kyle Duncan, the band launched another tour in September 2016 spanning Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

Many changes came at the end of 2016.  Meeting drummer Adam Holloway and guitarist Zack Fulkerson brought Mark’s vision closer to fruition.  Mark soon realized he needed to relocate to Austin to be closer to his new band members.  This gave them more opportunity to write music together.  On December 31, 2016 the band kicked off their largest multi-state west coast tour taking their music through Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma.  While in Portland Oregon they filmed their official music video for “Letters”.

Since then they have been hard at work writing, recording, and performing at venues throughout the State of Texas.  The band released their new EP, a music video, and launched their first U.S./Canadian tour in November 2017.  The band has since had another successful U.S. tour as backing band for Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Royal Coda).  They are now set for a UK tour in August, 2018 pulling double duty as backing band for Kurt Travis, along with opening as Televangelist.

Experience Televangelist, you will find the complexities of cascading syncopated breaks, odd-time signatures, fast drumming,  and all the tools of the trade needed to produce a unique sound. 

Press Release

Too emotive, listenable, and broadly-appealing to be math-rock sticklers, and too precise and geeky about their angular sonics to be indie rock darlings, the four dudes in Televangelist seem content to straddle the line. The band’s melodic, progressive rock sound has expanded with each of its three releases, culminating with last year’s excellent LP Wild, Jealous, Youth.

...James Courtney, San Antonio Current

Press Release

"Having played in tons of rock bands throughout the city of San Antonio, Mark Anthony Esquivel reaches back to his classical training to bring his new project ‘Televangelist’ to The Garage. The finger tapping rock band shows us what it’s like to have tons of experience, but still be the new kids on the scene."

Michael Botsford and Sami Yazdanyar - Garage

Review -

Televangelist is an up and coming band from San Antonio. They’ve managed to combine elements of math rock, prog rock, post-rock and indie rock together in a way that sounds familiar but is yet unique in their own way. For a starting point, one could start with Circa Survive throw in The Fall of Troy, Edison Glass and you might have a great image of what to expect here. Vocally I had to check and see if singer Mark Anthony Esquivel was not a stage name taken by the singer of Edison Glass. He sounds almost a dead ringer for the former New York bands singer, but no it is not the same man. To me, this is a great thing as I loved this vocal style. 
“Crossing Ponds” is the track that best exemplifies what Televangelist is all about. The guitars and drums are constantly going off all over the places with crazy arpeggios and riffs through the verses and then excellent harmonies through the chorus. Another excellent piece of work is “Letters” which sounds similar but is driven by some pounding snare work that really stands out. Towards the end of the record Televangelist's indie rock side shines through a little brighter on songs like “Turn Off the Colors” which features strummed chords and some cool call and response vocals.  “Always A Lion” the albums closing track is more of a dream pop track than anything else and features piano very nicely. There is enough diversity amongst the seven tracks of Wild, Jealous, Youth to make for an enjoyable listening experience without losing you, but the fact that the band is primarily one person does show a little in the sameness from song to song.
All in all Televangelist have made an excellent first LP after two previous EP’s. Wild, Jealous, Youth is getting the full vinyl treatment from Ozona Records and it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve also seen some buzz around a tour and it would be very worthwhile to track them down and see how these guitar parts come off live. If you are looking to hear some awesome guitar work and great vocals check this one out.
Reviewed by Rob